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Clinical Trials


Osteoarthritis Pain Management

Zoetis Librela (TM) is an FDA-approved monoclonal antibody treatment for canine OA pain, administered monthly, in accordance with the animal's weight, via subcutaneous injection.

Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy of Zoetis Librela in canines over a period of 90 days using objective outcome measures including objective gait analysis, goniometrics of the affected joints, and validated client survey (CBPI pain index measurements).


Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy was being studied to show its effects on osteoarthritis pain. Owners were provided with a newly developed PEMF device that they applied to the affected canine elbow three times daily with at least two hours between each application for thirty days total.

Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy of PEMF therapy for the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with canine elbow osteoarthritis.

Platelet Rich Plasma


Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a self derived fluid concentrate composed of a high concentration of platelets and growth factors that have been shown in recent studies to promote cartilage health and counteract the cartilage breakdown that is associated with osteoarthritis.  Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is made by processing a patient’s own blood sample.  Other components of the blood such as the red and white blood cells that can cause pain and inflammation are removed.

Purpose: To evaluate efficacy of platelet rich plasma for the management of mild, moderate, or severe elbow osteoarthritis in dogs.


Autologous Cellular Therapy (ATC) - Protein Solution Clinical Trial

The ACT – Protein Solution contains highly concentrated platelet growth factors, cytokines, and other natural anti-inflammatory proteins derived from the patient’s blood that suppress joint inflammation, regenerate cartilage in osteoarthritic joints, reduce pain associated with arthritis, and improve mobility in canines.

Purpose: To evaluate efficacy of the ACT – Protein Solution for the treatment of mild to moderate elbow osteoarthritis in dogs

Objective Gait Analysis Research Study


Commercially available harness systems have been shown to produce effects on gait. This study evaluated gait and objectively measured the effects of different harness systems.

Purpose: To evaluate the effects of different commercially available harness systems on orthopedically sound Border Collies using standard measurements and objective gait analysis.


AKC Canine Health Foundation Clinical Trial on Regenerative Medicine

Supraspinatus tendon injury of the shoulder is common in both companion dogs and canine athletes. It often progresses undiagnosed and results in reduced function, lameness and pain. Failed healing and recurrence frequently occur because unassisted tendon healing results in scar formation.

Regenerative therapies aim to accelerate and promote healing through tissue regeneration rather than scarring. There are several types of cells that promote healing, including platelets from blood and stem cells from adipose (fatty) tissue taken from the patient’s own body. In this study, platelet rich plasma (PRP) was combined with one of two types of cell therapy: concentrated adipose stem cells (ASC) and a mixture of adipose-derived cells called the stromal vascular fraction (SVF).

Demonstrating an effective treatment for supraspinatus tendon injury will have profound impact on the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions as well as other types of injuries affecting dogs.

Purpose: To evaluate the effectiveness of stem cell and platelet therapy for the treatment of naturally occurring tendon injury in dogs and to compare efficacy of two different types of regenerative therapies


OsteoBioScaff Clinical Trial

OsteoBioScaff™ is an engineered collagen biopolymer that has been reported to reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis. OsteoBioScaff provides a pathway for cell proliferation, differentiation, and integration that may help to improve cartilage repair and function. It is created from a highly purified derivative of porcine collagen. OsteoBioScaff is thought to work by activating existing stem cells in the location of injection. The most common side effect is discomfort at the site of injection that last 24 to 48 hours, at times a flare may occur which could cause discomfort for up to 72 hours. Seven dogs will be chosen for the study, and will receive an injection of OsteoBioScaff to the affected joints.

Purpose: To evaluate efficacy of OsteoBioScaff for the management of mild, moderate, or severe joint osteoarthritis in dogs.


TransCutaneous Magnetic Stimulation Clinical Trial

A coil cuff will be fitted to the hip and administer magnetic pulses that create electrical current in the treated area which blocks pain signals from being sent to the brain.

Purpose: To evaluate efficacy of the TransCutaneous Magnetic Stimulator for the treatment of mild, moderate, or severe hip osteoarthritis pain in dogs.

Recheck Appointments: Required at 3, 7, 14, 30, 60, and 90 days post treatment.

Costs: There is no fee associated with the treatment, medial progress examination appointments, and the objective gait analysis at 3, 7, 14, 30, 60, and 90 days post treatment.


Glucosamine Clinical Trial

Glucosamine is a supplement recommended by many veterinarians to support structure and function of joints in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis. This trial will examine inflammation markers present in urine, synovial fluid, blood serum, and feces to determine the effectiveness of joint supplements.

Purpose: To evaluate efficacy of glucosamine supplements for the management of mild, moderate, or severe elbow osteoarthritis and inflammation in dogs.

Specific Qualifications:

  • Diagnosis of elbow osteoarthritis

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